E6 Jessica: Morbid obesity to the podium

Jessica is a stay at home mom with 3 girls aged 5, 4, and 2. She met her husband as a college bound kid in 2009 while at a healthy weight. They followed the societal script for families in small town Alberta, getting married and having kids in quick order. On paper she had everything that is supposed to make you happy, but in reality she was facing some very difficult adversity. She was up against undiagnosed mental illness, the loss of both of her husband’s twin brothers to suicide and ballooning into morbid obesity, to name a few. She hated herself so completely that it was impairing her ability to function in day to day life. She tells her story of struggling through OCD, dislocating knees, and obesity, to standing on the podium at Whistler50. 

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E4 Debbie: Running through pregnancy

Debbie is an ultrarunner and mom from Connecticut. She started running ultras at 24 years old and has since proved you can have it all. She has a family of 4 and never skipped a beat in the trails, having run over 200 trail races and 85 ultras!

Debbie and I get into running through pregnancy and how to make it work with a family. She’s not only an athlete but has race directed for 15 years and was also hosting 2 exchange students during our chat. Find out how she manages it all!

 For more form Debbie: https://debbielivingston.com 

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E2 Susan: Running over 100x100mile races

Can you imagine having run over 100 x 100 mile races? No, me neither. Listen in as Susan shares her inspirational story of having to push boundaries that held women back from running certain distances, overcoming mental blocks herself, and becoming someone who follows her dreams. We get deep into the mindset needed to get out of our comfort zone, and why we should all push our boundaries.

E5: Trail Tips with Coach Tory

Tory is an endurance runner, coach, public educator, and writer for Canadian Running Magazine. She has a bachelor of arts, bachelor of education, NCCP distance run coach training, and obtaining her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She creates individualized programs for others that combine run coaching with mental health and wellness.

She spends her time playing and competing in the dirt and mountains in distances up to 200K. She has represented Canada at 100K World Championships. Tory considers running and outdoor exploration a method to promote self awareness, self reflection, and mental health. She is passionate about further understanding the physical and psychological connection between moving our bodies in nature and alleviating mental illness. She lives somewhat nomadically, but calls Squamish, BC her home.

To work with Tory:

Email her at: tory.jade@gmail.com

Check out her articles for Canadian Running Magazine


More from Tory here: @to_scho

E3 Mary: Running through it

Mary was a road runner, sticking to half marathons and marathons while raising two young kids with her husband and training partner. Approaching her 40th in 2013, she thought she would celebrate with another marathon. She had hoped to run the NYC marathon but didn’t get in the lottery. Before she could plan an alternate race, Mary’s her world changed. Her mom passed away due to complications from a rare form of myelodysplastic disease.


E1 Introduction: Meet your host

I’m Hilary, your host. Listen in for a tiny intro on who I am and what I’m doing here. I’m a retired NCAA hockey player turned trail runner. Each episode I interview an inspiring woman about her story as a runner. These badass ladies from around the globe get honest about everything from competing, motherhood, and trying to have it all. Get ready for training ideas, gear tips, and a healthy dose of inspiration. Bonus! Once a month myself and my guest host Tory Scholz are going to answer listener Q&A on training, mindset, racing, and more.