Personal Training
Training Conditioning

Personal Training 

Live in Vancouver and looking for personal training? Whether your goal is to run better, or for general fitness, I can help. Includes workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. 

Contact me for details.


Online Personal Training 

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like! We work through an app that includes workouts, nutrition, and lifestyle coaching. You'll get how to videos and instructions and I can log in and check how you did. Unlimited Q&A, so it's like I'm right there with you.  

Prices vary - contact me for details! 

Instant Downloads

Detailed 4 week off season training plan - Beginner Plus 

Functional training program including 4 workouts per week. Daily workouts delivered on a phone app, complete with how to videos and instructions. Each week includes strength & conditioning, cardio, H.I.I.T and mobility. Unlimited Q&A.