Racing is about more than the high of crossing a finish line. It's the experience of energy, the sense of accomplishment, the excitement, and the community. Rugged Conditioning is a race prep program that goes beyond a one size fits all training program. We look at your specific training needs and tailor each workout based on where you're at physically and what is going on in your life outside of training. Whether you want to cross the finish line of a 5km for the first time, or finish a 50km race in the trails, I can get you there.


Why hire a coach? 

I believe anyone can run farther or faster than they thought possible with the right training. How do I know that? Experience. I didn't grow up an elite runner, I'm just an average person who has run nearly every distance on any terrain because I wanted to, so I did. And so can you.  

With over a decade of experience combined with multiple certifications, I'll teach you everything you need to toe the line with confidence! 

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Race Coaching

I believe with the right guidance even the biggest goals become possible. The race program is one on one coaching complete with daily workouts, nutrition advice, race day prep, mindset coaching, and unlimited Q&A                  . 

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Training Programs


Have your mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle dialled in, but just want to get faster or go farther? Personalized workout only training programs will give you the boost you need.                              

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Mindset Training


They key to racing successfully is mental toughness. Endurance races take you to dark places. Short races can be a constant battle with burning legs. How will you react when your mind says no? Mindset training is personalized one on one training to improve your ability to conquer the most difficult parts of a race.   

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