E5 Trail Tips with coach Tory

Welcome to the first episode of Trail Tips! I'm joined by coach Tory Scholz to answer listener questions on training and racing. Have a question for us? Send them in to ruggedconditioning@gmail.com 

About Tory:

Tory is an endurance runner, coach, public educator, and writer for Canadian Running Magazine. She has a bachelor of arts, bachelor of education, NCCP distance run coach training, and obtaining her Masters in Counselling Psychology. She creates individualized programs for others that combine run coaching with mental health and wellness.

She spends her time playing and competing in the dirt and mountains in distances up to 200K. She has represented Canada at 100K World Championships. Tory considers running and outdoor exploration a method to promote self awareness, self reflection, and mental health. She is passionate about further understanding the physical and psychological connection between moving our bodies in nature and alleviating mental illness. She lives somewhat nomadically, but calls Squamish, BC her home.

To work with Tory:

Email her at: tory.jade@gmail.com